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Our Story

In today’s world it can be difficult to know how to properly protect yourself. We have seen many instances where people were left with nothing after a misfortune occurred. In many cases, they thought they were properly protected. We grew tired of all the slick slogans taking the place of real customer service. In an effort to protect and educate our clients about what they actually need, we decided to create our insurance agency to help our clients make educated insurance decisions so they can get the protection they need at a reasonable price.

Most people are doing their best to protect themselves; however, insurance products can be extremely confusing. In many cases, intentionally so. Additionally, premiums vary widely between insurance companies for similar products. These factors, in combination with others, lead many people to avoid investigating their actual insurance coverage. Many individuals just hope they are properly protected instead of knowing for sure ahead of time. As insurance professionals we couldn’t stand by and wait for disaster to strike another household or business.

Our Family

We are proud to have a family that sticks together through all the ups and downs. Our administrative staff and customer support executives are here for you. We consider our customers and clients the most important part of our family. The trust our clients have placed in us has made our brand the best in the region. Our dedicated staff members make it their aim to assist you in choosing the highest quality insurance products for the best possible premiums. We have specialists trained to assist you with any insurance product you may need.

Our Approach

Most of the time, insurance companies mislead people with confusing legal clauses in their agreements. The policy conditions appear to be client-friendly; but, the wording is designed to always be in the company’s favour.  That’s why you need a trained professional to spot the traps and hidden loopholes in coverage. With us, you get the simple truth. We’ll explain the coverages so you know if what you are getting is actually a deal or a problem. We’ll treat you like family.

Why Choose Us?

  • Excellent customer service
  • Providing clients with many types of insurance
  • Wide range of insurance providers
  • Simple explanations of coverage


“We are your Insurance Pals and are always here to help you with your insurance needs”

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