What Does Your Business Insurance Cover? 

Running a business smoothly is a challenge. No matter the size of your work, it is important to have protection in the event of damage beyond your control.
A setback can be due to finances, property, fire, and more. What you need is a smooth sail in rough waters.  Business insurance Santa Monica is the first step you need to take to get there.

The right policy can help you tremendously. Let’s take a look at the various things good business insurance can cover.

1 – Professional liability

This helps you cover the costs to cover claims by your customers. Suppose you make a clerical mistake, and as a result, a customer loses thousands of dollars.
Professional liability coverage can help cover costs if the client makes a claim. A policy will help protect a business in a claim.

2 – General liability

This covers business owners against third-party claims. Suppose your business is legally responsible for damages caused to others. This coverage will provide the defense cost for your interest; it may also pay damages to third parties.
The general liability limit is up to $2 million in coverage. Additional coverage can be obtained if necessary.

3 – Umbrella Insurance

This acts as a secure cover and is essential for financially stressful litigation and claims. This type of policy provides additional coverage when other liability policies reach their limits.
For example, a customer falls in your store and injures himself; he can claim $150,000 against your business. Your general liability policy may have a limit of $100,000. A commercial umbrella plan will help cover the remaining $50,000.

4 – Workmen’s Compensation

This helps employees cover costs while they are unable to work. This can help when employees suffer a work-related injury or illness. The policy also has programs in place. They help prepare employees to return to work after an absence.
If an employee’s family decides to sue your business, this plan can also help cover legal fees.

5 – Commercial auto coverage

It’s not about any driving. This plan helps protect your business from the expenses of a job-related auto accident. You or an employee may be in an accident while driving for duty. A commercial auto can help cover the cost of such an accident.

6 – Business income security

You are running a business to earn money. Unfortunately, anything can happen. A natural disaster, human act, or epidemic can affect your sales and income. This type of policy can replace a loss of income if you temporarily close operations due to theft or fire damage. As long as your property is under repair, you can continue to pay the expenses.

Find the best options in business insurance in Santa Monica for your needs. The right insurance can help you grow and protect your business without any worries. Contact Insure Pal Insurance Services today to find a solution that works for you.